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Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are standing up against accusations that they stole their 2011 hit "Remind Me." says lawyers for the country stars have filed documents denying "any wrongful conduct, omissions, infringement or any other activities alleged" by songwriter Amy Bowen. 

Bowen, who's also known as Lizza Connor, filed a copyright infringement suit over the song last May claiming "Remind Me" has the same melody and unique phrases that are in a song she wrote and copyrighted six years ago.  She says she performed her song in public several times in 2008, including a songwriting workshop with Nashville songwriters Chris DuBois and Kelley Lovelace.  DuBois and Lovelace share songwriting credits with Paisley on "Remind Me." 

Bowen is seeking damages of more than ten-million dollars.  Paisley and Underwood's suit is asking a judge to dismiss the case. 

Meanwhile, DuBois has filed his own countersuit against Bowen, accusing her of breach of contract.  He claims that before entering the songwriting workshop she signed a consent form that prohibits participants from filing copyright infringement suits pertaining to any songs they brought in with them. 

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