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Hunter Hayes says he's not dating Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.  The country star adds that he doesn't even know how those relationship rumors got started. 

Hunter tells CMT Radio he's only ever met Selena once, and that was a very brief encounter.  He recalls that they "literally just shook hands and said hello." 

While Hayes knows that being famous means his personal life will become tabloid fodder he says it's still "strange," and it's "the one part" of the business "that nobody kinda can tell you about or prepare you for."  He adds that once the rumors got started he "kinda felt bad for Selena" because "she was awesome." 

Hunter does admit he has a celebrity crush.  But he's not willing to divulge who she is, because he doesn't want her to know.  The singer explains that if they do ever meet and she knows how he feels, that "could be awkward." 

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