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Chris Brown says he wasn't sure if Rihanna would ever forgive him, but he's sure glad she did. 
In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on Seacrest's radio show, the R&B singer said he was grateful that Rihanna had given him another chance.  The two have rekindled their relationship four years after the highly-publicized altercation that left Rihanna battered and bruised and Chris with a restraining order and five years probation.  Brown says the two now try to keep things "fun." 

The singer is also very aware that he's in an uphill battle to win back the fans he lost after the Rihanna assault incident and says he's keeping his focus on doing the right thing, taking ownership of his actions and being more of a humble individual.  Chris also addresses a recent Internet video showing him in a heated verbal exchange with a parking lot attendant. He tells Ryan Seacrest that the video only shows half of the story.  According to the singer, while the video made it look as if he didn't want to pay the valet, he says he actually paid the man 100-dollars before he went into the establishment and that the man wanted even more money as they were leaving.  That's when, Chris says, things got heated.  

Brown is working on a new album, titled X, which has meaning for him.  He says X is the 24th letter of the alphabet and he'll be turning 24 on May 5th, or 5-5, which, when added together, is the number ten - the number of years he has been an entertainer - and represented by the letter X in roman numerals.  The first single from X, "Fine China," will be released on April 1st.  

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