(Yahoo!) - Kendall Jenner isn't wasting any time.

Less than three weeks after turning 18 on November 3, she's already posting the kind of pics that we've come to expect from her most famous older sister, Kim Kardashian.

On Monday, she shared a selfie that could easily be mistaken for a picture of Kim, from the soft, dreamy look in her eyes to the heavy mascara. "Night out in NYC in my fluffy sweater," she captioned the photo.

The pic she posted the next day was … not quite as safe for work, although Kendall didn't seem at all worried about how people would react.

"Sneak peak of today's shoot with the amazing @nomadrj,"she wrote about her session with Australian photographerRussell James. "I can't wait for you guys to see the rest of the photos!"

After some comments made it obvious that not everyone shared Kendall's excitement, Khloé did what any good big sister would do and defended her sibling.

Kim didn't weigh in on the pics publicly, but it's not too difficult to guess how she felt about them …

The future Mrs. Kanye West is surely proud that Kendall is already a model, reality star, clothing designer, and a soon-to-be author, all while still a teenager. When Kim was the same age, she was just more than a year away from walking down the aisle with music producer Damon Thomas. And she was even further away from fame as a sidekick to her childhood friend Paris Hilton, the star of a certain short film, and, of course, the center of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."