() A 43-year-old Chicago man is being held on a $100,000 bond for allegedly stabbing and running over an eight-foot-tall inflatable rat. That, however, might not be the craziest part of the story (you’ll have to scroll down for more pictures for that).

“The incident occurred on April 29,” CBS Chicago reports, citing Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Lisa Gordon. “That’s when some Teamsters were picketing in the area of 50 S. Clark St., and blowing up an inflatable rat.”

“Scabby” is regularly deployed by union organizers as a tool to “shame companies that use nonunion workers,” the DNAinfo Chicagonotes.

But George Koukos was in no mood for Teamster antics that day.

Koukos became agitated when the rat blocked him from exiting a building where he had a moving job and protesters refused to move it, according to prosecutors.

“Koukos tried to leave work, but got into an argument with a Local 705 organizer about whether he was a union member,” the DNAinfo Chicago report continues.

“Koukos tried to leave, but the giant rat was blocking his exit,” it adds. “When the union organizer refused to move the rat, Koukos pulled out a box cutter and stuck it into Scabby.”

Okay, so the story is pretty funny so far. But here’s where it takes a weird and serious turn.

Protesters immediately got the Chicago Police involved and Koukos was arrested.

He was “originally charged with a misdemeanor, but that was later upgraded to felonies,” CBS reports.

“He is charged with one felony count of criminal damage to property and one misdemeanor count of aggravated assault on public property,” according to Chicago Police.

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