)Homer Bailey threw another no-hitter.

The Cincinnati Reds pitcher who as recent as a year ago carried the burden of a first-rounder who might never be what people tried to imagine, and then began to pitch like it, at 26 years old, after all.

That Homer Bailey. He threw another no-hitter.

The Reds pitcher who took the ball on a night last September in Pittsburgh and over 2½ hours was as close to perfect without being so, and rose his arms jubilantly over the 279th no-hitter in major-league history.

That Homer Bailey. He did it again.

He threw the 280th no-hitter in major-league history on Tuesday night, this at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, in a 3-0 victory over the San Francisco Giants. He became the first since Nolan Ryan in the mid-‘70s to post them consecutively, and the 31st to throw more than one no-hitter. 

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