The type of pet someone chooses to have actually tells a lot about their personality.


  • For instance, say she owns a cat. Cats are independent and self-sufficient, which means she is too. And since kitty can pretty much take care of itself, your girl will have no problem leaving it alone to spend a night out with you.
  • Girls who own dogs are usually sporty and low-maintenance.
  • If she owns a reptile, like a snake or lizard, expect her to be a little freaky or self-absorbed.
  • Bird-owners are very bubbly, talkative and optimistic.
  • Girls with rabbits probably don't care much about cleanliness. Same thing with girls who keep rodents as pets.
  • The girl who owns a horse is wealthy and very high-maintenance.
  • There are some girls who have insects as pets, like butterflies or ant farms. As you might guess, they're very into science and probably really weird. (