Survey Finds Weakness in U.S. Hospital System

American hospitals may do great medicine, but there are other things that they don't do so well.  

That's what a Vanguard Communications review of U.S. News and World Report's Top 20 hospitals found recently.     

Ron Harman King, Vanguard's CEO, says the problems were in customer service and complaints about customer service outnumbered medical complaints five-to-one.  

"On average, these reviews gave these top 20 hospitals 3.2 out of five stars," King said. "So very mediocre reviews. And, even more interestingly, nearly two thirds of the reviews—62.7 percent—ranked these top institutions at only one to three stars."

People responding listed billing foul-ups, poor follow-up communication, long wait times and too-little parking.  King thinks this shows a need for the medical profession to concentrate more on customer service. 

Photo: Getty Images


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