The Next Sexy Costume Of 2019 Is... Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich!

Over the last month or so, there have been a lot of sexy costumes that have come out! One of the ones drawing the most attention was the "Sexy Mister Rogers." If you want to get the attention of everyone at the Halloween party you're going to. You're going to want the one thing that had people going crazy this year, Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich. Oh, you won't be attending the party just as a chicken sandwich, oh no! You'll be a Sexy Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich!

This costume is basically a one-piece bathing suit that looks kind of like a chicken sandwich, according to Vice. I think it looks like a hamburger, but who am I to judge! Not only do you get to wear a one-piece bathing suit, it also has a "SOLD OUT" stamped across the pelvic region.

If you've been holding out on buying a Halloween costume until you found the perfect one... here ya go! It's from where the other sexy costumes come from, You'll be a sexy Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich for $80.

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