Ritz Crackers Is Coming Out With A Fudged Covered Cracker For The Holidays

We are at that time when food companies start releasing their limited time or holiday themed foods, and I'm all for it! This year however Ritz Crackers is stepping their game up. Yes, they are delicious by themselves but what if they were covered in fudge? How amazing would that taste? Well, our prayers have been answered!

According to Delish, this holiday season Ritz Crackers is coming out with a limited edition holiday fudge covered cracker! A box of these fudge covered crackers will cost you about $2.50 at your local grocery store. I was excited when I heard that these were coming out, and then I found out that these have existed in previous years! How come no one told me about these? These fudge covered crackers will give you the perfect amount of sweet and salty this holiday season!

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