Frank's RedHot Has A Giant Tub Of Ready To Eat Buffalo Style Chicken Dip

Holiday parties will soon be here that means partying with your friends, bringing in a dish for your work potluck! The one item that always seems to be there is buffalo chicken dip! Another thing Buffalo style chicken dip is great for is game day! The only bad part about buffalo style chicken dip is having to get all the ingredients and making it!

Thankfully, Frank's RedHot is selling a giant ready to eat tub of buffalo style chicken dip! The ready-to-eat dip is made with real, all-white meat chicken, a premium cheese blend, and a cayenne red pepper hot sauce, according to Delish. The best thing is the tub is resealable so you can save some for later! Apparently, this tub of ready to eat buffalo chicken dip has been at Sam's Club for a couple of years! I'm not sure if it's at only select Sam's Clubs, but I'm going to be checking my local Sam's Club! According to the Sam's Club website, the Frank's RedHot Buffalo Style Chicken Dip is described as “Great hot or cold, this shareable dip packs enough punch to satisfy any hot sauce connoisseur, while not overwhelming those who prefer a milder taste.”

If you want to make bringing a dish to a holiday party easier or even getting the perfect game day snack, a 28 ounce tub is only $8.98.

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