Randoms-Doing Chores a Turn-On to Partner, Dogs Know Everything, & More


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  • National Make a Dog’s Day: A good day to adopt your new best friend.


Because it’s Halloween season …What seems scarier at night than during the day? (Reddit)

Some responses:

  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • People walking behind you down the street
  • The basement
  • A knock at the door


Want to turn your partner on? Do some chores. Yep, a new survey found that 58% of respondents say they've been turned on by watching their partner doing chores. According to the survey, men are slightly more turned on by it than women. 61% of men said seeing their significant other do chores was a turn-on as compared to 56% of women. And what chore is the sexiest? 62% said it was watching someone cook.

You know what else is sexy? Doing chores together. 49% of survey respondents said doing chores with their partner had turned into a romp. And no surprise – the chore done together that was most likely to lead to sex was making the bed. (Best Life)

Yes, we are in the middle of pumpkin spice season... and even the Captain has gotten in on it. Captain Morgan has released a Jack-O’-Blast Pumpkin Spiced rum – and it even comes in a pumpkin-shaped bottle.Wonder how Pumpkin Spiced rum tastes in a Pumpkin Spice Latte …(Delish)

The dog knows …So, what things do you do in front of your dog that you wouldn’t do in front of anyone else? A new survey found that 38% of respondents say that when they are alone with their dog, they share their food with them. 24% say their dog has watched them eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. 47% said their dog has seen them have an entire, loud conversation with themselves, and 39% said their dogs have seen them lie around the house all weekend. 88% of those surveyed said their dog knows who they truly are and won’t judge them for that. (SWNS)